Sensible Weight Loss - Six Tips For a Slimmer Body

There are many fad diets proclaiming to be your quick fix for a slimmer you. If you want to lose weight permanently, a sensible weight loss plan is the only way to go. Skipping meals and starving might help you lose some weight at first. It is not, however, an effective diet plan.

First, you will get hungry and most likely go on an eating binge. If you are like most people, you'll also binge on the wrong foods. Next, when you go back to your regular eating habits, you'll gain back any weight you lost.

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This is not a healthy weight loss plan. Your brain and your body require proper nutrition to function adequately. Just like a machine, your body needs fuel. If you want a sturdy fat burning body, or machine, you will have to supply it with good quality fuel.

A sensible weight loss plan is one you plan to follow on a regular basis. That is how you keep off the weight you lose and maintain a healthy body. Proper nutrition is not only for losing weight, but also for building a healthier you.

A proper nutrition plan improves the health of your vital organs and prevents infection and disease. We've all heard the saying before, "You are what you eat."

Six Weight Loss Tips that Actually Work

1. Meet your daily fiber requirement. If you are not meeting this in your diet, take a supplement.

2. Food labels are important. Check sodium content and the quantity and type of fat in the calorie count. You want low fat foods high in fiber and protein.

3. Eat plenty of non-UPC foods. Foods with less factory processing are healthier. They are typically lower in sodium and preservatives. Examples include fresh fruit, fresh veggies, and fresh baked bread.

4. Don't skip breakfast. Don't eat doughnuts or high sugar foods. Choose wisely, such as yogurt with fresh fruit, single egg cheese omelet, oatmeal and juice, or a high fiber protein bar with skim milk.

5. Exercise every day, even if only for 20-30 minutes. Every sensible weight loss plan includes regular exercise.

6. Look for rich color when choosing foods. Examples are fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, raspberries, radicchio, spinach, and salad greens with deep green color.

A sensible weight loss plan will allow you to lose weight, keep it off, live healthier, and feel better overall.

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